Providing Access to

Early-Stage Private Equity

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An endowment strategy fund for individual investors

About Us

THE WILDERMUTH FUND provides investors with access to early-stage private equity that has traditionally been reserved for institutional investors. The Fund offers portfolio diversification among early-stage private equity positions in various asset classes including technology, real estate, healthcare, energy, and hedge funds that would be difficult for individual investors to achieve because of typically high minimum investments.

About the Adviser

The Fund’s adviser, Wildermuth Advisory, is part of the Wildermuth Wealth family of companies. The Wildermuth companies have been investing in private securities for more than 20 years. In addition to providing intelligent advisory and asset management services, they develop and offer innovative investment solutions intended to level the playing field for individual investors.

Wildermuth Fund Atlanta Founder Portfolio Manager Daniel Wildermuth

Daniel Wildermuth is the Fund’s portfolio manager.  With over 25 years of investment experience, he has been a pioneer in adapting the endowment investment approach to the needs of individual investors. Mr. Wildermuth is CEO and CIO of Wildermuth Advisory and Asteria Wealth, a money management firm that administers more than 20 equity and fixed income portfolio strategies for retail and institutional investors.