An endowment strategy fund for individual investors

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An endowment strategy fund for individual investors

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The endowment investment strategy seeks to increase total portfolio return while maintaining an acceptable level of risk through diversifying into performance-oriented assets other than U.S. stocks and bonds.

Additional asset classes targeted include global equities, real estate, private equity, natural resources, absolute return investments (hedge funds and managed futures), and additional asset classes. Endowments have a long-term investment time horizon with low liquidity needs that can take advantage of all these different asset classes.

About the Adviser

The Fund’s investment adviser, Wildermuth Advisory, specializes in implementation of the endowment model.

The Wildermuth Advisory team brings unique experience that bridges multiple asset classes ranging from domestic and international equities and fixed income to a comprehensive list of alternative investments including private equity, real estate, natural resources, oil and gas, absolute return investments, debt vehicles, complex structures and more.

Founder and Portfolio Manager

Daniel Wildermuth, CAIA, MBA

Wildermuth Fund Atlanta Founder Portfolio Manager Daniel Wildermuth

Daniel Wildermuth is the Fund’s portfolio manager and has over 25 years of investment experience. He has been a pioneer in adapting the endowment investment approach to the needs of individual investors.

Mr. Wildermuth is CEO and CIO of Asteria Wealth; and Kalos Management Inc., a money management firm that administers more than 20 equity and fixed income portfolio strategies for retail and institutional investors. To learn more about the adviser:
Wildermuth Advisory, LLC.

Investors should consider how closely their investment needs match an endowment. The risk profile of individual investors often differs from a large institution using an endowment model in ways such as: financial resources, asset size, investment experience, investment time horizon, investment goals, and liquidity needs.

A limited number of shares are eligible for quarterly repurchase, an investment in the Fund should be considered illiquid. Once each quarter, the Fund will offer to repurchase between 5% and 25% of its outstanding shares at net asset value (NAV), subject to applicable law and Board of Trustees approval. The Fund currently expects to offer to repurchase of 5% of its outstanding shares at NAV.


Learn more about the Wildermuth Fund, please visit our resources page to view materials and documents.

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